Colleenz55 Full List Of Dragons
Commons Sex Type
Al-Coll 125rerp.jpg Pebble/Earth
SaintPatrick w2hdmh.jpg Pebble/Earth
Asquith w2hdmh.jpg Pebble/Earth
MintieBabe w2hdmh.jpg Mint
CabbagePatch 125rerp.jpg Mint
Chicharreta 125rerp.jpg Mint
Fazizo 125rerp.jpg Black
LaurieTrucker w2hdmh.jpg Black
Fencol w2hdmh.jpg Black
LenaVakatini 125rerp.jpg Guardian
PaigeBigGirl 125rerp.jpg Guardian
Samsui w2hdmh.jpg Guardian
Damoning w2hdmh.jpg Guardian
MingDynasty w2hdmh.jpg Skywing
Jandip 125rerp.jpg Skywing
Hinetaha 125rerp.jpg Skywing
Kiwiibu 125rerp.jpg Water
NeptunesWife 125rerp.jpg Water
Hinemoa 125rerp.jpg Water
Mokorin 125rerp.jpg Vine
Damienphill w2hdmh.jpg Vine
Floramana w2hdmh.jpg Vine
Sootycloud 125rerp.jpg Storm
CloudWarrior w2hdmh.jpg Storm
Lanoierder w2hdmh.jpg Storm
Purpeen 125rerp.jpg Purple
Blueberrycream 125rerp.jpg Purple
BabyPurp 125rerp.jpg Purple
Lucire w2hdmh.jpg Fire
RedBuddha 125rerp.jpg Fire
Dedomaio 125rerp.jpg Fire
DemiVakatini 125rerp.jpg Stone
VakaDem w2hdmh.jpg Stone
Riskeo 125rerp.jpg Stone
BabyDaxVakatini w2hdmh.jpg Split
ChaseVakatini w2hdmh.jpg Split
TashHinetaha 125rerp.jpg Split
Alesio w2hdmh.jpg Split
PureDrivenSnow w2hdmh.jpg White
Aninio w2hdmh.jpg White
PureIceQueen 125rerp.jpg White
Dalisko 125rerp.jpg White
Marej 125rerp.jpg Magi
GoldenLotus 125rerp.jpg Magi
RoyalOrange 125rerp.jpg Magi
Pinkthunder 125rerp.jpg Pink
Eracky 125rerp.jpg Pink
PinkMarshmellow 125rerp.jpg New Pink
LollipopPink w2hdmh.jpg New Pink
Silviu 125rerp.jpg New Pink
Mantell w2hdmh.jpg Frills
Heffron w2hdmh.jpg Frills
Greenbutterscotch 125rerp.jpg Frills
MintCaramel 125rerp.jpg Frills
Saderem w2hdmh.jpg Frills
CandyFloss w2hdmh.jpg Sunrise
PinkCandy 125rerp.jpg Sunrise
Bibischa 125rerp.jpg Sunrise
Purora w2hdmh.jpg Sunset
BalineseSunset 125rerp.jpg Sunset
Faroma w2hdmh.jpg Sunset
CrimsonPrincess 125rerp.jpg Red Dorsal
SingarajaWarrior w2hdmh.jpg Red Dorsal
Yaschav 125rerp.jpg Red Dorsal
PurpleTouch w2hdmh.jpg Purple Dorsal
A touch of Amethyst w2hdmh.jpg Purple Dorsal
Transtornina 125rerp.jpg Purple Dorsal
Suliasi w2hdmh.jpg Purple Dorsal
PreciousRuby w2hdmh.jpg Balloon
PreciousGarnet 125rerp.jpg Balloon
Pereroa w2hdmh.jpg Balloon
AngelCloud w2hdmh.jpg Daydream
CottonWool 125rerp.jpg Daydream
Xeroid 125rerp.jpg Daydream
TurquoiseBrownie 125rerp.jpg Whiptail
DecemberStone 125rerp.jpg Whiptail
Klungkung w2hdmh.jpg Whiptail
Capocha w2hdmh.jpg Whiptail
NusaDua 125rerp.jpg Albino
GajaMada w2hdmh.jpg Albino
Gulungan w2hdmh.jpg Albino
UbudGold 125rerp.jpg Pygmy
Karanasam w2hdmh.jpg Pygmy
Kaelani w2hdmh.jpg Pygmy
PrideofTuban w2hdmh.jpg Ochredrake
Surabya w2hdmh.jpg Ochredrake
Marrulla 125rerp.jpg Ochredrake
Clearo 125rerp.jpg Ochredrake
GrapeEater w2hdmh.jpg Dragon Horse
Sasak w2hdmh.jpg Dragon Horse
Seminyak 125rerp.jpg Dragon Horse
Subawa 125rerp.jpg Deep Sea
Tabanan w2hdmh.jpg Deep Sea
Buleleng 125rerp.jpg Deep Sea
Lombok 125rerp.jpg Water Walker
Sungai w2hdmh.jpg Water Walker
Agung 125rerp.jpg Water Walker
Singgigi w2hdmh.jpg Neotropical
Bangli 125rerp.jpg Neotropical
Muntjak 125rerp.jpg Neotropical
Nusa Tenggara 125rerp.jpg Waterhorse
Penida 125rerp.jpg Waterhorse
Sumatran Pride 125rerp.jpg Waterhorse
Badung w2hdmh.jpg Waterhorse
Makoken Female Electric
Current Crunch Male Electric
Zarouska Male Electric
Kinoto Female Canopy
Canonsor Male Canopy
Ikiaka Male Canopy
Duyong Male Nocturne
Sumimomo Male Nocturne
Zaneski Female Nocturne
Rares Sex Type
Darbeth w2hdmh.jpg Silver
SilverThreepence w2hdmh.jpg Silver
PrincessSanara 125rerp.jpg Silver
DawningSilver 125rerp.jpg Silver
FrostedSilver w2hdmh.jpg Silver
SanurWatcher 125rerp.jpg Alt Black
ProtectorofSanur w2hdmh.jpg Alt Black
KingAgus w2hdmh.jpg Alt Black
PrideofSiong w2hdmh.jpg Alt Vine
GoldBuddha w2hdmh.jpg Gold
DaffodilGold 125rerp.jpg Gold
Beth'sGoldenHeart w2hdmh.jpg Gold
GodofCungGu w2hdmh.jpg Gold
GodofNusaDua w2hdmh.jpg Gold
AngelGold 125rerp.jpg Gold
GoldenGlaze w2hdmh.jpg Gold
BlueRoyal w2hdmh.jpg Geode
StonyBlue w2hdmh.jpg Geode
Sufeiro 125rerp.jpg Geode
Lawaka 125rerp.jpg Geode
TouchofGold 125rerp.jpg White Striped
24ctWings w2hdmh.jpg White Striped
Dadong'sPrincess 125rerp.jpg White Striped
Katuk'sGold w2hdmh.jpg White Striped
Mirah'sPride 125rerp.jpg White Striped
GoldCloud 125rerp.jpg White Striped
Merekara w2hdmh.jpg White Striped
Sonof Nyoman w2hdmh.jpg Blue Striped
ParadiseBlue w2hdmh.jpg Blue Striped
Gyugyu w2hdmh.jpg Blue Striped
Makati w2hdmh.jpg Red Striped
KutaSunset w2hdmh.jpg Red Striped
Kintanami w2hdmh.jpg Red Striped
Putu'sPride 125rerp.jpg Green Striped
GreenLagoon 125rerp.jpg Green Striped
Gianyur w2hdmh.jpg Green Striped
Amlapura 125rerp.jpg Green Striped
90000 Volts Male Thunder
Miss Voltage Female Thunder
Junior Voltage Female Thunder
Pochola Female Ice
Popsicle Pop Male Ice
Pochsicle Female Ice
Kebakaran Bapak Male Magma
Kebakaran Ibu Female Magma
Kebakaran Badong Female Magma
Slamalama Male Bluna
Cangkal Male Bluna
Yuyun Female Bluna
Mr Turq Tin Male Hellfire Wyverns
Turquoise Tinge Female Hellfire Wyverns
To Be Announced Female Hellfire Wyverns
Non-Breedable Sex Type
PaperPatience 2i114s4.gif Paper
OrigamiBubba 2i114s4.gif Paper
chikedee 125rerp.jpg Chicken
MouseyMorsel 2i114s4.gif Cheese
CheddarChomp 2i114s4.gif Cheese
CheddarLite 2i114s4.gif Cheese
Fourfeeted 2i114s4.gif Blue Dino
Boodles 2i114s4.gif Green Dino
TwoBoots 2i114s4.gif Green Dino
FireyRed 2i114s4.gif Red Dino
ButtercupBabe 2i114s4.gif Yellow Dino
OrangeRoughie 2i114s4.gif Yellow Dino
Lembongan 2i114s4.gif Purple Dino
Mengwi 2i114s4.gif Purple Dino
Laveko w2hdmh.jpg Pumpkin
Lashania 125rerp.jpg Pumpkin
Beths Bite Female Vampire
Killer Fangs Male Vampire
Baby Bite Female Vampire
Seasonal Sex Type
JaffaBaby w2hdmh.jpg Autumn
jahanzib w2hdmh.jpg Autumn
Sand of Legian w2hdmh.jpg Autumn
Princess Jamie 125rerp.jpg Winter
PrincessTeighan 125rerp.jpg Winter
IcyBlast 125rerp.jpg Winter
Baby Jan Male Winter
SpringFever 125rerp.jpg Spring
HelloSpring 125rerp.jpg Spring
JahanSpring 125rerp.jpg Spring
PrincessBlossom w2hdmh.jpg Spring
Baby Coz w2hdmh.jpg Spring
KutaQueen 125rerp.jpg Summer
PrinceofLegian 125rerp.jpg Summer
Kadek'sSummer 125rerp.jpg Summer
Norus w2hdmh.jpg Christmas '08
SaintNicholas w2hdmh.jpg Christmas '08
LuffHeart 125rerp.jpg Valentine '09
MelonPink 125rerp.jpg Valentine '09
Raksay Female Christmas '09
Yaskar Female Christmas '09
To Be Announced Male or Female <Species>
2i114s4.gif - Unknown
125rerp.jpg - Female
w2hdmh.jpg - Male
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